Sunday, May 15, 2011

Final Exam Review: #7

To see my answer, click here to see my prezi.


  1. Great job Cyrus!!! I think that you did a wonderful job relating some of these macroscopic and molecular qualities to atomic and molecular structures and characteristics. I thought that your explanations were clear, concise, and sufficiently adequate. I found a small spelling error on C: you wrote "boild" when it should be "boils." Also, on E, you could possibly explain in greater detail what a formal charge is and how it affects the Lewis Dot Structure. Amazing job!

  2. VERY NICE. This was quite an educational blog post Mr. Ghaznavi, and your facts check out. 2 things however,

    (1) A prezi was a very large presentation for just one problem (even though it had multiple parts). Maybe try just a regular post next time?

    (2) The post used the 2nd tense sometimes with phrases like "you may be wondering . . ." You could stray away from things like this