Monday, September 6, 2010

Milk isn't just good for drinking...

     Milk is the object that I chose.  I chose it because everyone has it in their houses, it is safe to experiment with, and it provides a blank canvas on which I can test ideas.   was very curious to learn about its properties for the reason of its perishability.  This attribute was intriguing and is the reason for me choosing it.  I observed some physical qualities.  I also experimented with some "grocery store" chemicals.  Every chemical property that I listed was learned because of my own experiments.
     The milk you will be seeing is not something that you would put in your cereal.  In fact, I would never even think about eating the concoctions that I created.  Some will appear disgusting, but there is no need to cringe, it is all in the name of science.  To see what I did and learned, click on the word "PREZI" below.