Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nuclear Chemistry in conjunction with Cancer Patients

When many people think of a treatment for cancer, their minds immediately jump to chemotherapy.  Although rooted deeply in chemistry concepts, another treatment is very interconnected with nuclear chemistry.  To learn more about this radiation therapy, view my prezi by clicking here.


  1. Great prezi, Cyrus! From your prezi it was obvious you spent a lot of time researching the topic of nuclear chemistry in conjunction with cancer patients (not to mention you mentioned how time-consuming it was every study hall for the past couple of weeks :)). The prezi was also very well-organized! I liked how you started out the prezi with a casual statement: "...We may throw it around...". However, you did have a punctuation error in your box on stereotactic radiosurgery, so be careful next time. Overall, great job and great research! :)

  2. Cyrus! As usual, your Prezi blog posting is very "chill" but retains its professional intentions to inform your audience. You clearly conducted a great amount of research to be able to outline these complex, varied processes and options available to attack cancer cells. I find this quite fascinating, and I appreciate you hard work!

  3. cyrus, as expected your prezi is absolutely fantastic. Great job! I enjoyed the occasional sarcasm throughout your prezi. Good job