Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Discovery of the Neutron

We have already talked about the discovery of the electron by J. J. Thompson.  However, today, we will be talking about the discovery of the neutron, by James Chadwick.  So I hope you're ready because this is quite the experiment.  Click on the link if you dare to proceed into the world where physics meets chemistry, but first, read what is below:  The Discovery of the Neutron
Click More and then Fullscreen to see the Prezi.  To advance through the slides, press the Play button.
All numbers in parentheses seen near or around something (not in circles, but rather parentheses) are denotations of footnotes.  The citations of these are at the end, in the slide entitled bibliography.


  1. It was very imformative and had great detail. It explained everything quite well. It is quite a lot to read, but it is still well written. I dont think its really necasary to zoom into each individualy number or to stop at each arrow. You could have saved sometime if you had maybe just shown the arrow for a breif moment while it transitioned to the next paragraph of information. But, overall it is great.

  2. Very good presentation indeed Cyrus. There was a lot of good info that was explained well. The only thing I would work on would be to make the Prezi a little less complicated. It nearly crashed my computer. Very good work indeed good sir, I do say! I do declare your presentation a triumph!

  3. good job cyrus, you had a very good way of presenting your information. you showed pictures and showed how important the experiment was and how it impacted the discovery that suprised the world. good job

  4. Good Job Cyrus, there are very few problems with your prezi! One that I would like to point out is I think you have a typo, you said rality, but I think you mean Reality. Also your prezi had lots of useful information, it was just very tedious to get through. However you explained the topic very well making it easy to understand, and the flow of the prezi was very nice. I also enjoyed the videos you put in.

  5. You did a really good job on your prezi! It was easy to follow and I liked how you showed the three main points first, then went into more detail about each one. Your information was really organized, but it would have been nice to add more pictures. The prezi also made me a little dizzy, but you did well on all your information.