Monday, September 6, 2010

Milk isn't just good for drinking...

     Milk is the object that I chose.  I chose it because everyone has it in their houses, it is safe to experiment with, and it provides a blank canvas on which I can test ideas.   was very curious to learn about its properties for the reason of its perishability.  This attribute was intriguing and is the reason for me choosing it.  I observed some physical qualities.  I also experimented with some "grocery store" chemicals.  Every chemical property that I listed was learned because of my own experiments.
     The milk you will be seeing is not something that you would put in your cereal.  In fact, I would never even think about eating the concoctions that I created.  Some will appear disgusting, but there is no need to cringe, it is all in the name of science.  To see what I did and learned, click on the word "PREZI" below.



  1. i like the prezi...very good cyrus

  2. I enjoyed watching your PREZI. The PREZI and pictures made the experiment exciting. For each of your experiments to show chemical properties I liked how you explained your procedure. It helped me understand what you did. Although you explained what occurred when you did something to the milk, you could have clearly stated that the change implied that the composition or color change proved to be a chemical property. For example, you could say when the rubbing alcohol was added to the milk, it became more watery which implies a change in composition which proves the change was a chemical change. Your blog taught me that milk can chemically change into gelatin and become more reflective. Your blog is awesome!

  3. The milk reacting with the vinegar to make a hetero mix is definitely a chemical change. Good work Cyrus, keep it up. If you keep going at this rate, I might even give you a promotion. You've got upper-management written all over you. Anyways, thing you could improve on . . . I don't know if prezi's could have sound but they should. Just reading the text was a little boring. Other than that you did fine.

    Paxton Swisher, attorney at law